Poke Poke

Poke Poke At Poke Poke our philosophy is simple, Quality and Affordability. That means when we source our fish, we aim to use the highest quality and sustainable fish we can find, while still maintaining a reasonable price. This philosophy spreads to all the ingredients we offer across the menu. Visit: pokepoke.com


ProSuppliers Ceres based company Pro Suppliers contacted us about wanting a website rebuild but also wanting an eCommerce site that their clients will understand and want to use. This website will most likely evolve with their client’s needs. There is great value in understanding the internal processes of each customer as no industry functions the…

United Herzlia Schools

United Herzlia Schools Established in 1940, Herzlia is a Jewish community school aimed at providing a Jewish and secular education to the Jewish youth of Cape Town, regardless of religious affiliation. We are aligned to Orthodox Judaism and recognize the centrality of Israel as the natural home of the Jewish People. Our educational foundation, supplemented…

Juice Bottle Label

Juice Bottle Label Poke Poke Dubai is a client we began with since the inception of their very first restaurant in 2016. We were involved in the design of their logo, website and other brand related material. For this project, the client wanted to produce in-house cold pressed juices to sell in the restaurant as…

Matrix Fund Manager

Matrix Fund Manager Matrix Fund Managers is an owner-managed, diversified asset manager. We take an agile approach to active investing that benefits from our independent thinking and unconstrained style. Our core purpose is to deliver consistent return and high quality service for our institutional and retail clients.