Hi J.B.,

Hope that you are well. Just trying to update the Potterswork website. We didn’t get going with an e-commerce vehicle so I want to remove the prices that were put on in anticipation of this happening. On a couple that I’ve done it immediately puts the product into out of stock category even when trying to change this on the inventory. (just doesn’t pull through)

Essentially, I don’t want to change too much in terms of the set up as hopefully at some point we will be able to build on these product listings and enable the e-commerce side of things—I think for now basically to take away any indication of price and the variations that I added. Out of desperation I’ve actually deleted a few listings cause just couldn’t manage to find a way to show as in stock, but this is not a feasible way of working so if you could please advise how to proceed further.

With thanks,