Hi JB,

Hope 2024 is treating you well so far!

We have a client that we will be developing a brand new website for a Wine Farm in the next few months which we will be contacting you to quote on. But before we can get going on that we need to add a stand-alone one pager as an interim measure for a Spa that they will be opening soon.

The current site is a WordPress site using the WPBakery plugin.

We will most likely create a subdomain for the page, but would make sense to hang it off the current WordPress environment, but we can chat about that later!

Design and copy will be done by us – with your input of course – and the page will have the following content and functionality:

An overview of what it’s all about
A list the treatments with visuals
A render of the new space which client is sharing with us shortly
Info on how to book: At this stage they will simply email to book a consultation – ie no online booking for now.

Original LIVE date wanted was 1 March, but that is obviously will not happen!

Based on above info, please can you let us know:

If you are interested in quoting?
And if so what your capacity is like starting from 1 March + a rough idea on how much time you would need for above?
Once we have feedback we can set up a time (or not) to chat further so you can quote 😊

Thanks in advance