Good Morning JB

I trust you are well. A verry happy 2024 to you and your team.

I emailed you in 2022 when we were looking for someone/an agency to help us out with a couple of things (see previous email communication). I also copied what we require below in blue:

We need an agency to manage and/or assist with:

Website/WooCommerce management. I often load new products myself and change pricing and text, but I also need help with these things sometimes. I do not know how to do anything else, such as optimisation of our website, how to work with plugins or create pop ups & vouchers, change banner photos etc.
SEO Articles to be incorporated into the back end of the website (We usually provide the articles and photos, but we are actually also looking for someone to write these for us in the near future. Do you offer that service or can you recommend someone that does?)
Google Ads: Designing (We provide the copy and the photo, but would perhaps like some assistance) and running of these ads, and managing/optimising it as we go. We do have a separate budget for this.
Automated Google email campaign/strategy.
Mailchimp: Creating and sending out of email reminders and promotional content.
Artwork/design: We often need artwork and designs for things like stickers, stamps, flyers, business cards, QR codes, price lists and catalogues, product proposal designs and updates, sizing guides, services packages, product labels etc.
Are you able to take us on as a new client? We do not need everything to happen all at once and can sort out one thing at a time. If you are able to assist please do confirm you rates for 2024 and let me know if there is any documentation that I must complete? Our budget is a little bit more flexible than previously communicated even though we are still a small business. I would love to get in touch with you next week to get started on the first thing (our website).

I am looking forward to hear back form you. Have a great day and a fabulous weekend.

Kind Regards