New Website Design & Build

Project Timeline


Outline of what elements will happen first and estimated time for each element.

Completed – 23 Oct 2023


Just want to go over the project and make sure we can cover all costs with current credit.

Pending – 1 Work day needed

Domain Name Registration
Completed – 24 Jun 2022


A low fidelity sitemap is a layout of your website structure. That will become the blue print for the website design and development. The sitemap works in parallel with what you have been quoted. Once you have approved on the structure of the site, we will move onto the hosting setup.

Pending – 2 Work days needed

Hosting Setup

All hosting companies are NOT equal. Over the years we have worked with every hosting company under the sun and been able to experience first hand the good and the bad. We require that all our projects are hosted with us, so that we can give the best ongoing support possible.

Completed – 24 Jun 2022


We take a content first approach, all content needs to be submitted to Open Agency prior to design phase commencement. Based on approved sitemap, the content supplied by you will be sorted and uploaded onto a google drive folder that you will have access too. Most clients supply their own content but we can outsource to a copy writer if you need.

Completed – 18 Oct 2023

Logo Design

Creating unique and memorable visual identity for your brands and businesses.

Pending – 5 Work days needed

Website Design

A flat design of each unique page template of the website is done. We use a website called invisionapp, for you to comment on changes needed for the design. We would need your design signoff before we go onto the development phase. Normally around this step we would need 25% payment made.

Pending – 10 Work days needed


We develope your website according to approved design. Clients have access to monitor the development progress through a temporary link that is password protected. Once you have given final approval and final payment is made we can go live with your website.

Pending – 15 Work days needed

Final Change list

After launch, we give you an one month window period to communicate any final adjustments and changes. These changes should not go against the initial signed off design and sitemap.

Pending – 1 to 3 Work days needed

Project Completed