Open Agency is part of OpenOrigin Pty Ltd, an entity that includes a few distinct enterprises which will be detailed further.

Open Agency

Digital Creation Hub

We leverage our creative prowess and tech expertise to devise strategic and impactful solutions aimed at achieving clear outcomes for our clientele.

Our team is a fresh blend of dynamic digital innovators, driven by an unwavering enthusiasm for our profession. The richness of southern Africa’s heritage and diversity shines through in the projects we undertake. Keeping our clients elated is our primary focus, propelling us to continually innovate and tailor solutions that align perfectly with their requirements.

Open Active

Software for Tennis Court Reservations

A user-friendly platform book and play on tennis courts. Open Active offers an online solution, simplifying the process for tennis clubs to oversee their court bookings.

While our primary offering is the court reservation system, we’ve expanded our services to cater to the holistic needs of contemporary tennis clubs. Membership Manager, Website, Emailers, Guest Payments, Ranking.

Open Sport

Tennis Online Store

To use our creative edge and technological knowledge to create a strategic and effective solution, in order to reach measurable goals for our customers.

Destination for top-quality tennis products in South Africa. We are passionate about tennis and committed to providing tennis players with the best possible equipment to help them perform. We supply everything you need to take your game to the next level, from tennis racquets and balls to shoes, apparel, and accessories.